Interim Minister

As we sent off with love, our Beloved Rev. Jennifer Berkeley, who retired from pulpit ministry at the end of 2020, we welcome Rev. Dr. Penny Macek as our Interim Minister.


Reverend Dr. Penny Macek has been involved with Religious Science since 1992 and her career as a minister began in 1999.  She has served as an assistant minister, senior minister and interim minister. Serving communities in San Juan Capistrano CA, Lake Tahoe CA, and Phoenix AZ. She currently serves the Christ Church of Co-Creation in Caroga Lake, NY. In addition, she has served the international organization in several capacities including: as a lay member of the board of Directors, chair of the Golden Works committee, chair of the Co-Creation Facilitation team, and as a Regional Support Coordinator.


Prior to ministry, Rev. Penny spent 17 years in the construction industry. She knows and appreciates the value of building a strong foundation. She has built her ministries in a similar fashion. She says, “The only difference now is that I’m helping to build lives rather than structures, a much more rewarding line of work.”


She is described by many as a principle-centered being and a very powerful practitioner. She is known for creating, holding, and facilitating the space in which deep healing takes place. In clear, loving, compassionate, and practical ways, she illustrates the principles of this Science of Mind. In January of 2017, Centers of Spiritual Living awarded her an Honorary Doctorate.

In her free time, she enjoys the silence, hiking, camping, skiing, movies, travel, and time with her grandkids.

Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council is elected by the membership.  They serve to support the Center and act as stewards to the congregation.  They bring varied skills, background and experience.  Council meetings are usually open and scheduled one month in advance.


Stacey LoSacco, RScP - President

Susi Rachouh - Vice-President

Michelle Ruiz - Secretary

Cheryl Reuben - Member


Leadership Council Advisors

Jan Shaheen, RScP

Rev. Melissa Moorer-Nobles, RScP



Janet Squilanti


Any Leadership Council member or advisor can be contacted at 


Our Leadership Council

Our Practitioners


We are blessed with five amazing Licensed Practitioners:  


Melissa Moorer-Nobles, Stacey LoSacco, Jan Shaheen,  Michelle Ruiz and Kris Ferraro


All are available via phone for a Spiritual Mind Treatment.  Each practitioner sets their own fee.  Contact them directly to schedule an appointment.



Rev. Melissa Moorer-Nobles

Rev. Melissa's favorite new thought leader is Ralph Waldo Emerson who said "prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view.  It is a soliloquy of a beholding and jubilant soul.  It is the spirit of God pronouncing his works good.  Rev. Melissa knows that prayer works! She has been a licensed religious science practitioner since 2013 and became an ordained interfaith minister in 2018.  Rev. Melissa delivers an inspirational message once a month at Rockland CSL where she incorporates universal principles to current events and practical living. She shares her "ministry of joy" daily on "Morning SIP" and Wednesdays on  "Living Life In Joy". Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @iamrevmelissa. Rev. Melissa lives joyfully in Westchester County with her husband and twin daughters.



Stacey LoSacco RScP

 Stacey is the Leadership Council President.  She has been a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 2015. Stacey loves coming into sacred space with another, knowing and affirming the Spiritual Truth for and about them, through affirmative prayer, during one-minute miracles on Sundays and scheduled Practitioner Sessions.  Her sessions are unique in that she enjoys incorporating affirmations, Science of Mind Wisdom Cards, Visioning, and Meditation techniques. Additionally, she serves the Center by providing administrative support and sharing her love for the teaching in a variety of ways including leading a Sacred Circle, teaching classes, providing prayer and meditation once a month, and occasionally speaking on Sundays.  She also serves Asbury Park CSL as an outreach ministry sharing an opening prayer and leading the Life Visioning Process once a month.


Jan  Shaheen RScP

Jan has been with Rockland CSL since its inception.  She is a cornerstone of the Center.  You can see Jan almost every Sunday, serving in a multitude of ways.  She is currently serving on the World Ministry of Prayer for the CSL Organization as well as being a Leadership Council Advisor for the Center.  Her greatest joy is to know the truth and serve Spirit.




Michelle Ruiz RScP

Michelle  serves the Center remotely from Los Angeles, CA where she is currently getting a Masters Degree in Social Work.  Michelle serves the Center by participating in service on Sunday through ZOOM.  She is also very active on the Leadership Council and Transition Team..

Kris Ferraro RScP

Kris Ferraro is an International Energy Coach, Author, Spiritual Practitioner and Speaker. Kris is a true believer in everyone's innate ability to heal. She helps students and clients release debilitating emotional patterns so they can step into their power and purpose. She's had a private practice since 2008. Her first book, "Energy Healing: Simple and Effective Practices to Become Your Own Healer", from St. Martin’s Press, introduces energy psychology to new audiences. Her second book, "Manifesting: The Practical, Simple Guide to Creating the Life You Want" debuts in 2021. She has been a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2008 and speaks to faith-based communities of all kinds.



Our Community

Our community is friendly, fun-loving, supportive and interdependent. We come together on Sunday, for classes and workshops and other events that take place inside and outside the Center. It is not unusual for you to find us at a local street fair, fundraising for a local organization or kayaking on the Hudson River. We are a group of diverse individuals that believes there is One Mind and One Source. We honor the Truth of each other and support that truth in play and praise. 


Our Music

On any given Sunday we have live music that is inspiring, moving and touches the soul.  Our live music is a sponsored event.  If you are interested in sponsoring live music on a given Sunday contact Jan Shaheen, RScP. 

Rockland Center for Spiritual 

Mailing Address: 

32 Old Tappan Road

Tappan, NY 10983

(at the Village Green)


Sunday Celebration Location

The Manse Barn

11:30 AM

32 Old Tappan Road

Tappan, NY  10983


Due to the COVID situation, we are currently meeting on Zoom and Facebook live only.  Once it is safe to do so, we will resume in-person service in Tappan.



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