Small Groups

Not everyone is interested in the larger group experience or even attending regular Sunday Service.  Spirituality comes in many forms and through many channels.  At Rockland CSL, we are in the process of developing small groups that meet the specific interests of individuals.  You may find a group here that really resonates with you OR you may even decide to start a small group of your own.

Meeting on a regular basis in various locations

Transendental Meditation

Take part in a monthly group meditation with others trained in the TM method.  This group focuses on TM however all are welcome who are interested in partticipating in a group meditation.  

Please note: This IS NOT TM training.

Share Circle

Do you have a desire...... for authentic connection,

to be seen without being managed or rescued, to learn about yourself through the dynamics of a group, to hear a different



This group meets the first Monday of each Month beginning April 2nd in South Orange, NJ.  RSVP is required. There is no fee or love offering

Circle of Insight

Do you have a desire to see life through a different lense. This small group meet once per month and focuses on a new topic of discussion each month.


This group meets the last Wednesday or each month in South Orange, NJ.



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